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The Final Countdown

With 2 weeks left of this incredible journey, here’s a look at some of our experiences this summer.

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Bring us your boxes!!

Hello friends, family, people of central Iowa, acquaintances, bargain busters, etc.

We are having a garage sale to raise $$$ for our journey to Uganda and we need YOUR help. I know you are all dying to know how you can be active participants, so here are the important details:

  • Monday and Tuesday (April 9-10) from 6 to 9 pm we will be in a garage at 1326 Walnut St. hanging around if you would like to bring around boxes of your gently used items. We will accept anything! It is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, right?! Purge away everyone. Oh, and we could use any folding tables/card tables you have sitting around too!
  • Friday and Saturday (April 13-14) we will have the actual garage sale (Friday 8 to 3, Saturday 7 to 12). Remember: one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. So, you should all come out and look for a good deal or volunteer to help us sell!
  • Garage sales aren’t complete without goodies to sell, so if you are up for baking a batch of brownies or cookies, bring them by Friday or Saturday morning for the hungry shoppers. 

Whatever doesn’t sell will be donated to Joppa or Goodwill unless other arrangements are made. 

Thank you SO SO much for supporting us in this exciting adventure. Our appreciation is truly unending!

If you need to reach us:

Clayton- 641.629.0167

Taylor- 515.864.8855


We can’t wait to meet these beautiful ladies!


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Half Way Mark!

Within the next week or so, we will officially be half way to meeting our goal! And what a convenient time for this Kony Campaign to blow up. Now everyone knows what we are talking about! If you are interested in supporting our work in Uganda you can send a tax deductible donation made out to Child Voice International to the following address:

Clayton and Taylor Boeyink
2901 Ingersoll Ave. Apt 10
Des Moines, IA 50312
Child Voice International
PO Box 579
Durham, NH 03824

Just make sure to include our names somewhere! 

Other ways you can participate:

Garage Sale Fundraiser! If you have items you would like to donate to this (it will be in April) please contact us at 515-864-8855.

Art Supply Drive: Starting March 26th, boxes will be set around Grand View’s campus for students and faculty to drop in new or used art supplies for me to take to Uganda and use for the art therapy sessions and leave there for the girls to use. If you are not a student, but would like to donate feel free to contact us at 515-864-8855!

*Also, if you read my last post, please check out Invisible Children’s website for their Critique page. They answer a lot of questions many of you (obviously, myself included) have. 

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Our Support Letter

Sorry, you have to click on it again to read it well

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