Meeting (another) Concy

I will never forget meeting Concy. She was the first Child Voice graduate I had the pleasure of getting to know, and her home was the first Ugandan residence I had been invited into. I had been told that Concy came to Child Voice as a child mother from an abusive home. Now she and her daughter, Presca, live safely with her aunt and uncle. Since Concy graduated from the program, she has been using the knitting skills she learned to make school uniform sweaters. Concy brought out this huge, intricate knitting machine and set it on the table in the living room. She began to show us how she threads it and makes the sweaters that sustain her income. I don’t know how kids wear these heavy wool sweaters in the scorching hot Ugandan sun, but apparently there is a large market for them.

Concy, like many of the Child Voice graduates, is supporting herself and her daughter all on her own. She earns enough money to send Presca to school and even pay for medical bills. Presca has an eye condition and recently suffered from a severe burn to her hand. Concy beamed with pride that she was able to pay for Presca’s hospital visit and treatment. I am not a mother, but I can imagine how great it must feel to not worry over providing your daughter with the care she needs.

I loved getting to hear how Child Voice changed Concy’s life and gave her the skills she needed to launch and market this thriving business. She hopes to purchase her own knitting machine as she’s renting the one she currently uses. From what I could see, I don’t think it will take her long to get there. It was so cool to see her happy, healthy, and hard at work




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