Meeting Concy

Nustled back in a little array of huts Concy lives with her husband and two week old daughter, Kathy, (who Conrad had the privilege of naming after his wife while we were visiting!). We were invited into their home and we sat arm to arm in this cramped little hut. Concy brought out her little one for all of us to hold. She has ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. She is perfect. But I couldn’t help feeling a pang of sadness as I awed at this amazing creation.

You see, Concy came to Child Voice as a HIV positive child-mother. At 19 years old, Kathy is her fourth and only living child. Concy lost her third child, Sunday, while she was at Child Voice and it was obviously an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved. I can’t imagine burying three babies before turning 19 years old. 19! And despite all of this heartache, Concy smiles and laughs and is creatively marketing her own business alongside her husband, James.

Upon graduating from the program, Concy took the sewing skills she learned and went to work making bicycle seat covers. As I observed her peddling away at her sewing machine, I learned that she is the only one who supplies these covers in Gulu. Since bicycling is a main form of transportation, they are doing extremely well for themselves. Concy and her husband produce 100 bicycle covers a day and 500 a week. Local bike repair shops sell the covers for 1,300 (54 cents) shillings and they make a 50 percent profit.

Concy told us about how Child Voice had helped her grow as a woman. She was thankful for the friendships she had made there and the valuable skills she learned. After purchasing a few bicycle seat covers from Concy, we said goodbye. As we drove away, I prayed that Concy’s baby would thrive and overcome her odds of contacting HIV. I prayed that Concy wouldn’t have to endure another heartbreak. And I thanked God that I had the opportunity to meet her and that her business has taken off in an amazing way.

“He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3. Isn’t that the truth. 




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2 thoughts on “Meeting Concy

  1. Please continue to write more in depth about the people that are touched by Child Voice and the people that you are reaching out to…along with any prayer requests for these people that you might have…I can’t even imagine the pain that she must be having from the deaths of her first 3 children. Thank you for your work and your voice back to us, so we can be praying for you guys.

    • Will do Katrina! Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. They mean a lot 🙂
      Love, Taylor

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